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  • Lindsay Johnson

    Owner / Denver Dog Walker / Animal Medical Specialist

    I've worked in the animal field for over a decade, professionally since 2009 as a veterinary technician, as well as in sales and management of a retail pet store.  I eventually decided that I wanted to get out on my own and live life at my pace.  I LOVE animals (any and all) and still wanted to work with them on a daily basis.  I figured that dog walking and pet sitting would be the perfect balance and would allow me to work on my art as well.  I am formally trained as a vet tech and can provide emergency medical treatments to your pet if the need were to arise.  I can also administer any medications your pet may need.


    More detailed information about my qualifications:

    I graduated with honors from Murray State University in Murray, KY.  I received my Bachelor of Science - Agriculture degree in 2011 with a focus on Animal Health Technology.  I received many awards and graduated in the top of my class. During college and after graduating, I was working as a Veterinary Technician at a local animal hospital from 2009 until I moved to Denver in 2012. Since 2012, I have been managing the pet care section of a pet supply store but decided I wanted to have a more personal relationship with the animals I deal with daily and decided to start Denver Dog Walk. You can count on your beloved pets being in safe hands with me while you are away.

    I am insured by Pet Sitters Associates.

    Give me a call to schedule service, I'd love to become your dog's second best friend!